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Best Podiatrist in New York

Best Podiatrist in New York

Dr. Gary Feldman DPM

Do you suffer from  Arthritis, Raynaud’s Phenomenon,  Diabetic Neuropathy, Itchy Rash, Restless Leg Syndrome?  Learn how to use your creative imagination to help you feel more comfortable.  Hypnosis is among the most effective non-surgical and non medication treatments for pain.  Pain may be inevitable, but suffering is an option.

Diabetics may develop painful, sharp, shooting pains in the legs and feet caused by a neuropathy.  These symptoms are usually worse at night, which can effect the quality of sleep.

Restless leg syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome (previously called reflex sympathetic dystrophy), Phantom limb pain is another neurological condition that may respond to clinical hypnosis.

The disabling pain of walking on an arthritic foot or even an itchy rash are other applications for hypnosis.  The symptoms associated with the circulatory distrurbance of Raynaud’ Phenomenon may also be improved using suggestions during hypnosis.

A suggestion may help the negative influences surrounding the memories of past pain as well as the anticipation of future pain.  You may be able to use your imagination to decrease the perceived length of time that pain is experienced.  You will learn how to develop self-regulating skills that can be used everyday on your own to relieve suffering.

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