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Diabetic Foot Care in Hicksville

Hicksville podiatry office

Diabetic foot care in Hicksville

Diabetic foot care in Hicksville

Here at the office of expert podiatric Dr. Gary B. Feldman, we are proud to be the top providers of diabetic foot care in Hicksville. If you have diabetes, it is important to realize the risks that it can pose to various parts and systems of your body, including your feet. Diabetic foot problems most often occur when there is nerve damage in the area. Diabetic nerve damage can make it so that you have a decreased ability to feel sensations like pain, heat, or cold in your feet. The main problem with this is that it can allow for small changes to go unnoticed. For example, you could have a cut on your foot and be walking on it all day without noticing. You might have a serious foot injury and be unaware until some sort of infection begins to break out. Nerve damage in the foot can also lead to changes in the shape of your feet and toes. Other common diabetic foot issues that Dr. Feldman can help with are changes to the skin of your feet. The skin on your feet can become very dry and cracked because of a decreased oil production due to nerve damage. Other common issues include poor circulation, foot ulcers, and more. It is important to get the diabetic foot care in Hicksville that you need at the first sign of a problem. It is equally important to visit Dr. Feldman for regular diabetic foot exams—this allows us to catch early warning signs that you might not be aware of right away, and then get you the treatment you need.

If you would like to learn more about our diabetic foot care in Hicksville, or if you would like to learn more about any of the other many services that Dr. Gary B. Feldman has to offer, we highly recommend that you pay a visit to our main website to browse through the wealth of additional, detailed information available to you there. If you have any specific questions or concerns that we can assist you with in any way, please do not hesitate contact the staff here directly. You can reach us by giving us a call here at the office, or by sending us a message online.

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