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Toenail Fungus in Hicksville

Foot Fungus Treatment in Hicksville

Toenail fungus in Hicksville

Toenail fungus in Hicksville

At the offices of Dr. Gary B. Feldman, DPM, we treat many different podiatry conditions including toenail fungus in Hicksville. Toenail fungus is an irritating ailment that affects many people but is easily remedied with the proper treatment. Our mission is to provide you with outstanding podiatry care in a comfortable and clean environment so that you feel like you’re at home with us. We educate all of our patients on each procedure and treatment option, and keep them involved in any decisions that should be made regarding treatment. Besides toenail fungus removal, we also offer routine general foot care, orthotic therapy, and laser treatment for nails that have fungus.

Toenail fungus in Hicksville can be painful and cause swelling of the toe and foot area. Infections usually start as a yellow or whitish spot that forms underneath the toenail. The nail fungus begins to spread, and gets deeper into the nail, causing it to discolor and thicken. Nail crumbling can also happen, causing the nail and surrounding area to become red, swollen and painful. The infection needs to be treated as quickly as possible so as to avoid further infection. If left untreated, fungal infections can lead to a dangerous blood infection. Treatment for nail fungus usually involves some type of ointment or medication. We also perform many other common procedures such as orthotics, which are custom made shoe inserts that treat painful conditions like heel spurs, flat feet and plantar fasciitis. Orthotics can correct these and other problems that cause abnormal walking patterns.

Besides toenail fungus in Hicksville treatment, we also fix ingrown nails, which happen when the toenail grows into the surrounding nail fold of the foot. Pain and swelling can commonly happen due to ingrown nails, and the treatment process usually is simple and prevents re-growth of the ingrown part of the nail. We also specialize in diabetic foot care, which is extremely important. Many diabetics suffer from poor circulation which can affect feet and cause complications for them. It is common and our procedure is to take preventive measures to keep the foot and surrounding area healthy.

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