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Treating fungal infections in Bayside

Bayside Foot Doctor

Bayside Foot Doctor

Treating fungal infections in a timely manner is essential because fungi flourish in warm and moist environments and are easily transmittable from one person to another. Our Bayside foot doctor can diagnose, evaluate, and address your fungal infections and prevent them from growing worse.

Fungal nails form due to small cuts in the skin around your nail or the openings between the nail and the nail bed. You can catch it from touching moist items, such as towels, or anything that has touched the foot of someone who has a fungal infection. Communal showers and pools are major culprits for getting fungal infections, which is why our Bayside foot doctor recommends that you wear shower shoes or other protective gear rather than go barefoot in such situations. If you notice that your toenail has turned a yellowish-white, gotten thicker, or has split from the skin, these are all indications of fungal infection and reason to come in and be examined. You may find it difficult to wear shows due to the infection. Even walking or standing might become painful in some circumstances. It is important to act quickly. The infection could end up spreading to the other toenails and the surrounding skin. Permanent damage is possible. Our Bayside foot doctor will focus on both treatment and prevention of recurrence. Topical or oral anti-fungal medication is typically effective, though if not then removal of the toenail may have to be considered. To prevent future fungal infections, make sure to wash and dry your feet thoroughly before going to bed. Apply anti-fungal cream to the entire foot each night, gradually tapering off. After bathing, apply powder to your feet so that they will remain dry.

Fungal infections in your toenails can be frustrating and uncomfortable, but with proper professional care and attention, they can be managed and treated effectively.

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