Flushing foot injury treatment

Flushing Foot Injury Treatment

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Treating common foot injuries in Flushing

Flushing foot injury treatment
Flushing foot injury treatment

Foot and ankle injuries are very common and they’re not exclusive to athletes. Some common foot and ankle injuries include: dislocations, broken bones and sprained ankles. Foot and ankle injuries can cause a lot of pain and limit mobility. People who sustain foot or ankle injuries should seek immediate Flushing foot injury treatment from a podiatrist.

Foot and ankle treatment options will vary depending on many factors that include but aren’t limited to the cause of the injury and the extent of the injury. There are two main categories for foot and ankle treatment options, which are: conservative and surgical. There are many conditions that will respond well to conservative treatment, some of which include: physical therapy, cast immobilization, bracing, injection therapy and custom orthotics. Conditions that don’t respond to conservative treatments, will most likely require surgery. If you have a foot or ankle injury, it’s important to see an experienced podiatric professional. If you’re searching for a highly trained, experienced podiatrist who can evaluate and treat your ankle or foot injury, you’re in the right place. You can rest assured that our doctor, Gary B. Feldman, DPM will provide you with the effective Flushing foot injury treatment you need. Our doctor truly cares about you and your well-being so much so, he does house calls! Our office offers house calls as one of our many exceptional services. If you need immediate assistance, please call our office to speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable associates. We are dedicated to your health and well-being and go above and beyond to provide our patients with the outstanding care they need and deserve. When you become a patient of ours, you’ll benefits from our highly skilled, compassionate staff and top-notch quality of care.

If you injured your foot or ankle or are experiencing symptoms, don’t wait. Contact us right now for your Flushing foot injury treatment appointment.

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