Foot care in Whitestone

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Heel spurs are one of the two major causes of heel pain, with the other being plantar fasciitis. Our foot care in Whitestone provides experienced specialty attention so that you can be relieved of the consequences of heel spurs.

Foot care in Whitestone

When calcium deposits cause abnormal bone growth in the underside of your foot, these heel spurs may not initially cause you any pain or discomfort. About 50% of the cases of heel spurs don’t result in pain at any point. The reason that they develop is typically due to the effects of activities like running or jumping, though they can form in anyone, regardless of your level of activity. This causes a strain on the foot muscles and ligaments. The plantar fascia can also stretch and tear. There are certain risk factors that increase the likelihood of developing heel spurs. Among them are being overweight, being on your feet for extended periods of time, diabetes (type one or type two), flat feet, high arches, and wearing shoes that are uncomfortable and don’t have the necessary degree of arch support. When you do have pain from heel spurs, take advantage of our foot care in Whitestone. Diagnosis of heel spurs is not that complicated, and our foot doctor can recommended the appropriate treatment and management options depending on the severity of your heel spurs. In many cases, the impact of heel spurs can be mitigated with the use of orthotics (shoe inserts) and/or changing to more supportive footwear. Over-the-counter pain relievers are a good idea for dealing with inflammation. Other possibilities for addressing heel spurs include stretching exercises and physical therapy. Surgery is rarely needed except in the most extreme circumstances.

Let our foot care in Whitestone help you with all of your foot and ankle problems. If you have heel spurs or you suspect that you do, contact our office to arrange an appointment.

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