Hammertoe Doctor in Whitestone

Treating Hammertoes in Whitestone

Hammertoe Doctor in Whitestone

Hammertoe Doctor in Whitestone

If you have hammertoe, a condition in which your toe’s middle joint becomes stuck in a bent or flexed position, you should seek out our hammertoe doctor in Whitestone. As a specialist in foot issues, Dr. Feldman is the expert who can diagnose, evaluate, and treat the problem effectively and safely.

Hammertoe is frequently accompanied by pain. You may find if hard to walk or even to stand. The cause of hammertoe is that excessive pressure is put on the tendons and joints of the toe. This causes it to move into that flexed state. Contributing factors include poorly-fitting shoes, genetic predisposition, and arthritis. It is your footwear, however, that is the most common reason for needing the help of our hammertoe doctor in Whitestone. Shoes that are too tight around the toes, especially high heels, are major culprits. This is why women develop hammertoe more frequently than men do. There are two types: flexible and rigid. Our hammertoe doctor in Whitestone will examine you to determine which yours is, as this determines the course of treatment. X-rays are often helpful in making the diagnosis. For the flexible kind, an orthotic (shoe insert) may be sufficient for reducing the pressure on the toe and eventually leading to a return to normal. If there is inflammation or swelling, medication may be required. And severe pain is typically addressed with cortisone shots. Rigid hammertoe, however, usually is treated with surgery. If a flexible hammertoe does not respond well to non-invasive methods, that may also be a situation in which surgery is suggested as a solution.

For the management of hammertoes, don’t go to your general practitioner. Rather, come in to be seen by our podiatrist, a skilled and experienced foot doctor who deals with such difficulties every single day. Soon enough, you will be free of pain and able to go about your normal routine again. Call us to schedule an appointment.

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