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Are you suffering from pain in your heels that makes it difficult to walk or stand as needed for your daily life? Our feet go through constant use and abuse on a daily basis, and as such need to be supported and cared for properly in order to function properly and without any pain. While over the counter pain medication can provide relief for your symptoms, these drugs will not provide the permanent treatment which patients need as they fail to target the source of the problem. Fortunately, you can the care you need for truly lasting relief with heel pain treatment in Hicksville at the welcoming offices of Gary B. Feldman, DPM.

Heel pain does not always originate from the heel itself. The heel of your foot is actually affected most often due to plantar fasciitis, a tendon along the sole of your foot which is connected to the heel of the foot which becomes stressed due to lacking support. Symptoms of plantar fasciitis include pain and stiffness that eases in the heel of the foot and the surrounding tissues, pain which flares while when going up the stairs or stretching to stand on the tips of your toes, aches which occur when standing for any long amount of time, as well as pain that begins at the start of an exercise routine, only to ease up when exercise continues and then return when you are finished working out. Symptoms of plantar fasciitis can also be mistaken for arthritis or tarsal tunnel syndrome, and as such need to be examined by a health care professional as soon as possible in order to insure your aches receive the proper amount of care in order to find relief from your aches effectively. Plantar fasciitis pain can be treated as easily as a custom made orthotic crafted perfectly to support your body. The arches of your feet require proper support in order to insure that the tendon which connects the heel to the toes for strong feet for a healthy body. Without support the tendon begins to stress and strain, causing the pain in your heels. A simple orthotic allows for noninvasive heel pain treatment in Hicksville to allow you to live your life to the fullest.

For the very best in heel pain treatment in Hicksville, be sure to visit the experts at the state of the art offices of Gary B. Feldman, DPM. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff proudly serve your local community with the latest advanced in podiatry technology and procedure in order to provide the esteemed level of care which patients rely on for pain relief. With custom orthotics and advanced podiatry care from Gary B Feldman, DPM, you can find the care you need for pain relief.

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