Heel pain Valley Stream

Heel Pain Valley Stream

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Treating heel pain in Valley Stream

Heel pain Valley Stream
Heel pain Valley Stream

Heel pain Valley Stream can range from bothersome to excruciating. In the worst cases, you might find it difficult to even put on your socks and shoes, let alone stand up and walk. Any type of heel problem should be addressed in a timely manner, and at the office of Gary B. Feldman, DPM, you’re getting the attentive care of our foot specialist.

The most common reason for heel pain Valley Stream is plantar fasciitis, the inflammation of tissue that connects your heel to your toes. Strain of the tissue can lead to small tears and swelling. The cause of it is excessive time spent on your feet, either standing, walking, or running. However, there are risk factors that contribute to it, such as having flat feet or high arches, shoes that are not sufficiently supportive, being overweight, and having feet that roll inward when you walk. Another cause of heel pain Valley Stream is the formation of heel spurs, which are calcium deposits on the underside of your foot. The causes are much the same as those for plantar fasciitis. In fact, it is not unusual to have both conditions simultaneously. Our foot doctor will do an examination and may also require x-rays in order to reach a conclusive diagnosis. He will then discuss treatment options with you, based on what condition you have, its severity, and your individual circumstances. Orthotics (shoe inserts) are often effective in achieving the desired results. Other possibilities include stretching exercises, physical therapy, medication, cortisone injections, and surgery, but only in situations where other methods do not provide the needed results.

The heels of your feet take a lot of stress on a daily basis. They need to be functioning at an optimal level. Contact our office to set up an appointment with our foot doctor for your heel pain Valley Stream.

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