Heel Spur in Whitestone

Foot doctor in Whitestone

Heel spur in Whitestone

Heel spur in Whitestone

If you have been experiencing heel pain, you may well have a heel spur. For complete diagnosis and treatment of your heel pain problem, we hope you will visit us at our podiatry practice, Gary B. Feldman, DPM. If you have a heel spur in Whitestone our top notch podiatrist, Dr. Gary B. Feldman, will be able to provide you with the treatment you need to relieve and most likely resolve of your heel pain.

A heel spur in Whitestone will occur when there is a calcium deposit belt up under the heel bone. This process can take many months to develop. If the foot is experiencing a strain put on the foot muscles and ligaments, and there is repeated tearing of the membrane that covers the heel bone, a heel spur can develop. Athletes in particular are prone to developing heel spurs since they commonly perform a lot of running and jumping on hard surfaces. A heel spur can also be caused by a walking gait abnormality which puts excessive stress on certain areas of the foot. Additionally, wearing poorly-fitting shoes with poor arch support can cause heel spurs to develop, as can obesity. When a patient has heel pain it is commonly referred to as plantar fasciitis. As patients age, and parts of the foot thin, this too can cause heel pain. Some patients with heel pain say that it feels that they have a knife sticking into the bottom of their foot. This pain is common when people first stand up in the morning, or after sitting for an extended period of time. Walking can relieve the pain, but it most likely will return after an extended period of rest or walking. Common treatments by our foot doctor include: stretching exercises; recommendations for more supportive shoes; taping to rest stressed muscles; prescription orthotic devices; or physical therapy. Corticosteroid injections are sometimes helpful. In 10% of cases surgery may be recommended if more conservative treatments do not work.

For an appointment to see our podiatrist regarding your heel spur in Whitestone, contact us today.

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