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Hicksville Bunion

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Treating Bunions in Hicksville

Hicksville Bunion
Hicksville Bunion

A bunion is a common problem affecting the big toe joint. A Hicksville bunion is a progressive problem in which the metatarsal bone (bone behind the big toe) spreads outward and the big toe moves inward, which causes the joint to become weak, enlarged and deformed. If you think you may have a bunion, you should be evaluated by a podiatrist.

A bunion can cause some very unpleasant symptoms. Common bunion symptoms include: bone prominence of the big toe joint, redness, pain, swelling, and limited motion of the joint. Since this joint caries most of the body weight when walking, bunion pain can cause extreme difficulty. Left untreated, a Hicksville bunion will progressively worsen over time and can lead to other foot conditions. There are several treatment options available for bunions. You will need to see a professional, experienced podiatrist in order to be properly diagnosed and treated. The type of treatment podiatrist will use will vary depending on the severity of the condition and other factors. The severity of a bunion is measured in stages. Stage one is the least severe and Stage 5 is the worst. It’s important to get bunions treated as soon as possible because as the deformity progresses from Stage 1 to Stage 5, the care for eliminating the pain and deformity becomes more invasive. In the beginning (Stage 1), the treatment for a bunion involves noninvasive treatments such as foot orthotics. However, the only cures for severe cases in Stage 5 are modification of shoes and foot surgery. In order to prevent the need for foot surgery, you should be evaluated and treated for your bunion as soon as possible.

If you have a Hicksville bunion or think you might have one, don’t hesitate. Contact us right now so you can be evaluated by our experienced podiatrist, Gary B. Feldman, DPM as soon as possible. One of our associates would be happy to assist you.

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