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Hicksville foot care

Hicksville foot care

Foot surgery is a serious thing, but sometimes it is absolutely necessary. You may not think of a chiropractor automatically when you need foot surgery, but we do a lot more than just handle back problems. When it turns out that you need foot surgery, Gary B. Feldman, DPM is here to help. If you’re experiencing pain or other symptoms and non-surgical methods are ineffective in treating the problem or are not suitable for your particular issue, our Hicksville foot care will suggest surgical options to alleviate the concern and return your foot to a high degree of well-being.

Generally speaking, foot surgery is required when you are dealing with pain or discomfort that is interfering with your ability to walk and to live your life in your normal fashion. Our Hicksville foot care will do everything possible to help you avoid the need for an invasive procedure. In some instances, lifestyle adjustments or the use of orthotic devices, such as shoe inserts, can be enough to correct the problem and get you back to feeling normal again. But the bottom line is that you can’t and shouldn’t go on living with severe pain that is causing you to alter your routines, preventing you from fulfilling your obligations, and making it impossible to enjoy your favorite athletic and leisure activities.

There are a variety of causes for foot problems that may require foot surgery. Sometimes it’s due to wearing shoes that are too tight or just don’t fit properly. Other times, it can be because of infections, injuries, arthritis, or congenital concerns. The root cause of your foot issue can be determined through a thorough examination, but what is of the greatest importance is treating it. When surgery is the right answer, our Hicksville foot care is here to do it for you. With foot surgery, the function and stability of your foot can be restored and possibly even improved. Don’t wait. Call us today and schedule an examination. The sooner you come in, the sooner you can be on the road to a healthier foot and the relief of the pain you’re experiencing.

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