Hypnosis for Foot Pain

Hypnosis for Foot Pain

Do you suffer from diabetic neuropathy, restless leg syndrome or an itchy rash or arthritis on your leg?  If so, medical hypnosis may help alleviate pain associated with these conditions.  Medical hypnosis is among the most effective non-surgical and non-medication treatments for pain and Dr. Gary Feldman is happy to introduce its benefits to patients who suffer from foot pain.  With this treatment, Dr. Feldman teaches you how to use your creative imagination to help you feel more comfortable and alleviate pain.

Diabetics may develop painful, sharp, shooting pains in the legs and feet caused by a neuropathy.  These symptoms are usually worse at night, which can affect the quality of sleep.  Restless leg syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome (previously called reflex sympathetic dystrophy) and phantom limb pain are other neurologic conditions that may respond to clinical hypnosis.  The disabling pain of walking on an arthritic foot or even an itchy rash are other applications for medical hypnosis.  Let Dr. Feldman show you how to use your creative imagination to help you change or block your perception of pain and divert attention away from your pain.

Dr. Feldman has been practicing podiatry for over 30 years.  As a podiatrist trained in clinical hypnosis, his focus is on issues related only to the lower extremities.  With two convenient offices in Valley Stream, NY and Flushing, NY, Dr. Feldman is dedicated to providing the very best treatments in podiatry.

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