North Valley Stream Podiatrist

North Valley Stream Podiatrist

Do you live your life in heels? Are you wearing uncomfortable shoes more often than not? That favorite pair of shoes that you refuse to give up, but cant stand to wear for more than a few hours, could be causing more harm than you think. If you have a toe with one or more joints that are bending down, or toes curling inward, you could be suffering from hammer or mallet toe. If you have painful, aching feet, your local North Valley Stream podiatrist at the offices of Gary B. Feldman, DPM can help you find the relief you need to get back on your feet again.

Hammertoe and mallet toe are two different deformities of the foot that occur for the same reasons, most often caused by wearing high heels, or simply shoes that are designed with a very narrow or slim toe box. When a toe bends the wrong direction along the middle joint of the toe, this affliction is called a hammertoe. Mallet toe happens when the joint nearest to your toe nail bends upwards. These deformities occur most commonly to the toe that lies adjacent to your largest toe, due to the amount of pressure that occurs there. Severe cases of these deformities can cause patients to have difficulty balancing, and can cause simple walking to become strenuous and painful, so it is important to visit your trusted North Valley Stream podiatrist as soon as possible for a proper diagnosis and swift treatment.

No matter what type of podiatric deformity you are suffering from, your professional North Valley Stream podiatrist has a mode of treatment which can treat your problem however you see fit. There are surgical options for the treatment of both Hammertoe and mallet toe available at the offices of Gary B. Feldman, DPM that can offer permanent relief by removing the source of your pain entirely. If you are concerned about receiving surgery for any number of reasons, be it anxiety or concern about working around the recovery process, our staff will be happy to explain less invasive options that can offer temporary pain relief.

Gary B Feldman, DPM has been proudly serving his local community as your trusted North Valley Stream podiatrist for over thirty years of personal and professional care that will truly work for you to meet your individual needs and help you to walk confidently and pain-free once more. Our staff are happy to answer all of your questions about the different treatment options available for hammertoe and mallet toe deformities, and you can be sure you will always get the final decision on what treatment you receive for your malady. We even do house calls, making it both convenient and painless for you to get the care you need to walk happily once more.

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