Pinpointe Laser in Valley Stream

Pinpointe laser treatment for nail fungus in Valley Stream

Pinpointe laser in Valley Stream

Pinpointe laser in Valley Stream

Nail fungus is not a topic that most people want to bring up in polite conversation but it is a topic that concerns many people. It is estimated that about 36 million people in the US will suffer at some point with nail fungus. Nail fungus often appears as a hard yellow thickening of the toe with a brittle exterior. The problem can be causes by direct exposure to someone who has nail fungus like in locker rooms or hot tubs or by sharing pedicure implements, as well as shoes or socks. An injury to a nail can also open the door to fungus that is lurking in the area. Our practice uses a PinPointe laser in Valley Stream to combat this unsightly and annoying condition.

Nail fungus does not develop overnight. Fungal infections of the toenail start as a small white or yellow dot at the end of one of the nails. As the fungus gets deeper into the nail it will turn yellow, thicken and form crumbling edges, it will spread to all the nails of the foot and often onto to the other foot. The traditional treatment for nail fungus is antifungal medication, usually a topical preparation is tried first and if the topical treatments do not work an oral antifungal medication is often used. As a last resort for severe cases podiatrists may remove the toenail altogether. Oral antifungal medications can have adverse side effects for some patients. Our doctor, Dr. Gary B. Feldman, DPM uses a different approach to treating nail fungus. Our PinPointe laser in Valley Stream treatment is extremely effective in eradicating nail fungus.

The PinPointe laser in Valley Stream works by our doctor moving the laser’s light point over each affected nail, typically all 10 nails are done during each treatment session. It generally takes several treatments to rid the nail of all the fungus and make sure that no spores are left. Typically each treatment session takes about 30 minutes. Our patients can engage in just about any activity after a treatment. The results of the PinPointe FootLaser are very strong with the vast majority of our patients being very happy with the results. After the fungus has been relieved through the PinPointe laser our doctor recommends keeping the feet clean and dry and the use of a mild topical antifungal cream to help prevent a reoccurrence of the fungus. If you have nail fungus see our doctor to discover if treatment with the PinPointe laser is right for you.

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