Valley Stream ankle sprain

Valley Stream Ankle Sprain

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Treating ankle sprains in Valley Stream

Podiatrists specialize in caring for the special needs of the feet and ankles, which must support the weight of the entire body with every step we take. Our doctor, Dr. Gary B. Feldman, DPM treats patients with a whole gamut of conditions that bother the lower extremities, anything from ingrown toenails to bunions and a Valley Stream ankle sprain, to fractured bones. These conditions come about naturally from day-to-day use of the feet, or overuse, improper shoes, as a result of certain medical conditions such as diabetes or due to an injury. Our doctor uses the latest in podiatric techniques and technology to diagnose and treat each of the myriad of conditions that can affect the foot and ankles.

Our doctor treats many injured feet and ankles, often these injuries are due to participation in athletics, dancing or a similar activity that is stressful to the feet. One such injury is a Valley Stream ankle sprain, which occurs when the ankle ligaments are stretched beyond their normal range of motion usually from a sudden twisting. There are three types of ankle sprains depending on the direction of the twisting towards the inside or outside of the foot. Ankle sprains can be mild, moderate or severe. Our doctor treats ankle sprains through rest, wrapping the ankle in a bandage, and elevating the foot. If there is ankle instability in a severe sprain our doctors will use a brace or a walking boot to support the ankle.

Some injuries result in a fracture of one of the many bones in the foot or ankle. For instance, our doctors often see stress fractures in those patients engaging physical activities. These are tiny fractures that can appear anywhere in the foot. If left untreated the stress fracture can turn into a full-fledged break. Pain, swelling, redness and bruising are signs of a stress fracture. Treatments for stress fractures vary with the degree of severity and location of the fracture. Rest, immobilization and sometimes surgery are used to immobilize the fracture. Precisely diagnosing the cause of foot and Valley Stream ankle sprain greatly helps our doctors in prescribing the correct treatment approach. If you have foot or ankle pain give our office a call.

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